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Gary "Chris" Christopherson


  Gary Christopherson

Gary A.


 About Thrive!

Thrive!, founded by Gary "Chris" Christopherson, is call to action with vision and mission for those wanting to build a thriving future for all. It is a vast, sustained human endeavor for building and sustaining a thriving future for all forever.

Thrive!®, Thrive! Endeavor®, T!® All Thrive Forever®, and What will you do?® are trademarks of Gary A. Christopherson. They are trademarked for public advocacy to promote awareness of the need for positive and integrative decision-making in the fields of public policy, public administration, healthcare and healthcare reform for the purpose of creating and sustaining positive change and a better, thriving future for communities on the local, state, regional and national levels.  

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Gary "Chris" Christopherson, Founder


Supporting the mission and also founded by Gary Christopherson is HealthePeople®", its foundation is based on decades of advocacy in and out of government.

Supporting this endeavor, Thrive! Next Generation Toolkit strategies and models have been developed from 30+ years of experience at the local and national levels.  They have been used for the following: the White House, Congress, inner city health, DoD Military Health System, Veterans Health System, and Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services. 

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